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I’m Chelsea and I’m lucky enough to live in the great city of Pittsburgh. I started running back in 2011, when I began my weight loss journey and have never looked back. I not only fell in love in love with my new found passion of running, but I also lost 50 lbs in the process! I am currently training for my first marathon (Pittsburgh, 5/3/15), but when I first started, I couldn’t even run a mile, but hard work and dedication has paid off as I have run in over 40+ races since I started. I am now on a quest to finish a half marathon in all 50 states + DC. As of January 2015, 6 states down and only 44 + DC to go. My big goal for 2015 is to celebrate turning 30 by running in 30 different races! These races will be of all distances, from one mile to 26.2 miles, but the idea is to celebrate life each and every mile.


My name is Teri Kandel and I live in New Jersey with my amazing and supportive hubby and my 2 amazing and highly energetic boys.  Just before my first son was born I made the decision to quit my job and become a stay-at-home mommy; a decision that has given me and continues to give me so much joy and happiness.  I love being with my boys and cherish those moments of fun, silliness, craziness and chaos because it is through these moments that I have learned to love life even more.  With the craziness, stress and exhaustion that comes from raising a family, it is imperative that us mother’s find a way to unwind.  For me, running has become my ideal way to de-stress and unwind. While I’ve always been an active person, I haven’t always enjoyed running.  It wasn’t until I ran/walked my first 5K about 5 years ago that both my body and mind were turned onto running.  Everything about that race changed the way I looked at exercise and fitness.  I enjoyed the support of the women I was running with, the feeling of discomfort and knowing that I could battle through it and the rush of crossing that finish line knowing that it was just a little extra mental determination that helped me push through and get to the end.  Why stop there, I said to myself.  After training for several more 5K’s and 10K’s and seeing that I was getting stronger and faster, I decided to train for my first half-marathon (Long Branch Half) 3 years ago.  On March 15th I will run my fourth half-marathon in NYC (2015 United Airlines NYC Half) and I am so excited!!  This will be my first race running through the streets of my favorite city in the world!  My goal for 2015 is to run the NYRR 5 Borough Series.  The AirBnB Brooklyn Half is next followed by the Queens 10K, Bronx 10 Miler and ending with the Staten Island Half in October. Next year I will set my sites on my first marathon.  While the idea of a full marathon is scary and daunting right now, I know that through my training, determination and support from family, friends and the running community, I will absolutely rock it!  I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of the Sweet_Workout family because of all the wonderful support and motivation it has already given me in the short period of time that I have been following the workouts on Instagram.  As an Ambassador, I can’t wait to pass on that support, motivation and encouragement to other women who need it and deserve it!


My name is Heather.  I am momma to 4 beautiful little bits who inspire me to live my life the best way I can.  I’ve always been a runner, however after high school I lost touch with the love I had for distance running.  I started running again after I fell into a dark spot in my life. I needed something to help improve my ability to love myself. That’s when I started running full time again. I made it a personal goal to run my first half marathon before the end of 2014.  In September, I ran Rock n Roll, Philly and I smashed my goal time by 20 mins!!  I was hooked ever since!  Currently, I am training for my second half marathon and hoping to finish in less than 2 hours. I will be adding another half marathon to my spring schedule as well as a triple crown trail run (half, 10k and a 5k in one day).  In July, I have plans to run the 4-miler in my hometown and will be adding a few smaller distance races to test out my limits.  My last goal of the year will be to run my first full marathon., I have my eyes set on Las Vegas, baby!  I want to continue to grow in my yoga practice! And continue to maintain and improve on my fitness and lifestyle.  I love how running and yoga have become a part of my life, it’s not just a workout!  And the best and most rewarding part is inspiring others to change their lifestyles, and become healthier individuals!  That’s my ultimate goal, to help others improve their way of living, so they can enjoy life to its full potential!


Hi, my name is JaDee and I call Canton, Ohio home. I’m a 40 year old mom of two with a passion for running, fitness and sports. I was always athletic as a girl, playing softball, volleyball, basketball, track and even powerlifting, but found my true passion when I found running. I’ve run 5 marathons, several half marathons and smaller races before going through a rough patch and gaining 40 lbs. It was during that time that I found my true self and how much inner strength I truly have! It is also what helped rekindle my passion for running, helped me shed 45 lbs and find a love of healthy living. Now I try to look for the positive in everyday, be strong, and continue to work toward being my best self and help others along the way. My big goals for the upcoming year are to run a race every month (virtual or live), set some new PRs, run a half marathon before year’s end, and try to keep my current runstreak going for an entire year. I’d also like to increase my flexibility and try to complete a bicycle tour, as well as just continuing to work on becoming the best me I can be!!


My name is Melody and I am a runner, fitness enthusiast, paddle boarder, mother of two adult children, a Retired Navy Spouse and I call the Emerald Coast home.  My journey started 4 years ago, after my friend experienced the Princess Half Marathon as a spectator.  I was not excited about running at all and I can recall asking her “Why she didn’t pick up needlework instead of running”!  My first race was the Inaugural TinkerBell Half and 5k.  What an incredible experience, who knew that the running community was so supportive and amazing + an added bonus, BLING!  And so my love of running began.  I have ran numerous marathon’s, half marathon’s, 5k’s and 10k’s during this time and with that has come several injuries and the loss of my Mom almost 2 years ago.  I came very close to letting her loss cripple me from moving forward on my journey, but I found the strength, motivation and passion to reclaim my life and purpose.  My hope is that I can encourage, motivate and inspire others to be the best version of themselves.  I have very ambitious goals the next 2 years.  I am working on a running challenge with Run the Edge, my goal is to run or walk 2,015 miles in 2015.   I will be running various races including the Marine Corps Marathon, Disneyland Paris Half Marathon and Dopey Challenge.  I also hope to run the Great Wall Marathon in China, complete a Tough Mudder and climb Machu Picchu.  I also hope to master yoga and spinning once and for all, enough is enough already!  I am very excited to be a SWEET Workout Ambassador with so many amazing women and to meet and share in our experiences to see where this journey takes us.


Hi, my name is Karen from Mountain House, Ca. I am married to the love of my life and a mother of two wonderful boys. I started my fitness journey in 2013 when a friend coaxed me into signing up for a 5K. I’ve always thought that I was a weakling. I get out of breath from going up and down our stairs at home. I’ve passed out during P90x! Heck! I’ve even passed out a couple of times just from walking around the neighborhood! Fearful of causing a scene on my first 5K, I resolved to finish a C25K training plan no matter out. The rest is history. I’ve discovered a passion for this sport that I never knew. I fell in love with it that moment I completed a 2-mile run without cursing the world! I fell in love with it crossing my first 5K finish line. Again, when I crossed my first 10K, then my first half marathon. I even went on to complete my first full marathon last December 2014. I fall in love with it over again every time I go out there and witness God’s majesty in His creation and the people He surrounds me for inspiration. And that is one of my lifetime goal – to be a part of a community of inspiring people. I want to show every woman out there that there is strength within each of us. And there is time, too! As a work-at-home mom who also homeschool my boys, I’m also proof that it can be done. If you have to wake up extra early to squeeze in a workout, push the baby in the stroller or go for a run while the kid is in gymnastics, do it! And you’ll never know who you will be inspiring. You are so much stronger than you think.


My name is Sarah, and I am a proud Canadian stay at home wife and mommy of two littles. I’ve got my hands full with a sweet little boy and a spunky little princess. My fitness journey started in May 2014 when I ran for the first time. My son was born Dec. 2013 and I suffered moderate postpartum depression for close to six months. It felt like I tried everything, and the doctors were starting to push medication to help. Late one night, I threw on a pair of runners and headed out the door. I barely managed to get to the end of the block before I was doubled over and out of breath, but I instantly felt better! That short run changed my life, and I have been running ever since. I have since completed numerous 5k races, two 10k’s, and just recently, my first half marathon! I am a strong advocate for cross training, regularly attending spin, yoga, and swim/aquafit classes. I would love to try out crossfit programs, OCR runs such as Spartan runs or any Mud run, and trail running and am aiming to complete a full marathon by the end of 2015, with the possibility of advancing to Ultra Marathons in the future. I hope to be able to motivate and inspire others the way I have been, through social media and as a Sweet Workout Ambassador! I would love to get to know you, so reach out, ask any questions, and tell me your goals! Let’s work on our goals together and support one another on our journeys!

10898136_10100258892354963_6183657299158842175_nHey SWEETS! I’m Sarah born and raised in Maryland! I was born with hip dysplasia and have had 7 total hip surgeries. I struggle with arthritis daily but that doesn’t stop me from challenging myself. I am a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and a certified masters Coach for my company Superstar Fitness! I compete in swim races, sprint triathlons and mud races. Currently I am training for the 4.4 mile Great Chesapeake bay swim and training to qualify In the 50 free and 100 free for the 2020 olympics.  Fitness has always been apart of my life and now I’m living my dreams!  Believe in yourself and never give up! I am so excited to be a ambassador for Sweet Workout!  I love inspiring others especially women to be great no matter what!!!


​​I’m Megan, and I live in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.  I work in Higher Education  as an academic success professional.  I realized that I’m helping students develop goals and life plans every day, but I wasn’t doing the same for myself!  I’ve always started a fitness program, but quit when it got tough.  I decided that this time I’m going to stick with it, and SWEET Workout has really helped me stay motivated.  As a beginner, I’m sure I’ll have struggles, but I hope I can encourage other beginners to stick with it, even through the hard parts. I completed the Lake Placid Half Marathon in 2012 with time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.  I’m running the Ithaca Skunk Cabbage 10k in April, and I have my sights set on a half marathon in September, with the goal of trying to shave an hour off of my time!  My support team at home consists of my husband and my two daughters.  It’s not about the destination…it’s the journey!


Hi there! I’m Liz! Running has started to become something I love. Fitness and staying healthy have become really important in my life. I have lost about 80lbs (since 2007.) Trying to build strength and muscle! Strong is the new skinny. This whole fitness journey was a blessing and still is to this day. Some days there are tears and sweat. Other days the energy flows! Other than races and gym classes; I love to cook, photography and crafting. I am quite excited about being one of the 2015 Sweet Workout Ambassadors. Looking forward to meeting many of you! Keep up the inspiration- you inspire me!

Seated OutdoorMy name is Aimee, I’m a Pastor’s wife, and a mom of 4 amazing kids. I am currently working towards a goal of running 40 marathons or ultras before my 40th birthday. I am doing my first 24 hour run in May, and am working my way up towards my first 100 miler. I coach the elementary running club at my children’s school, am using the 24 hour race as a fundraiser for the high school cross country program, and am organizing a 5k to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this summer. I love adventure and helping others reach their goals.

PhotoGrid_1414695005647_resizedMy name is Shylee. I am the mother of a very active two year old and proud wife of a United States Airman. I am an ACE certified Personal trainer and am a senior in college working toward my degree in Health Sciences with an emphasis on Health and Wellness. I would eventually like to own my own wellness clinic or work for a non-profit organization offering services to the community. I started running in December 2013. My husband suggested that I train for a 5K since I had recently quit my job to be a stay at home mom (it was his gentle way of telling me I was getting heavy). So I recruited my best friend to go to the gym with me and train and had set a new years resolution for five 5Ks in 2014. I started my journey 55 pounds overweight and with a BMI higher than healthy. I ran my first 5k in Feb 2014 and I hated it. It was a miserable run and I hated every minute of it. But we’d already registered for our next run, so I had to keep training. Before I knew it, I had run eleven 5Ks, a 4 mile race, a 5 mile race, two 10Ks, and a 15K. I even placed 3rd in the 1st 10k and 2nd in my division in the 2nd 10K. Somewhere after that first run I had fallen in love with running. On January 31st this year, I completed my first half marathon. My husband has also picked up running as a hobby and we enjoy pre and post race rituals together. We don’t run together because he’s much faster than I am. In 2015 we plan to complete the San Francisco marathon series half marathon, possibly a Trojan run and a number of other runs. We are moving to CA in just a few days, so we haven’t registered for anything yet. I prefer to run 10Ks. That seems to be where I perform highest and set PRs. I feel like 10ks are the perfect distance. I do like the occasional challenge of a 15K, 20K or half though and intend to run 2 or 3 half marathons this year. I would also really like to compete in a triathlon when I get to CA. If you’re in the SF area, get a hold of me! I’d love to run with you.

FullSizeRenderI’m Cheri! Marketing Communications pro by day, wife and mom of 2 little ones by night… marathon runner in the early AM hours. I started running to find myself again. In February 2013, I embarked on a journey to gain confidence and lose weight. As the pounds peeled off, I hit the pavement. And then I didn’t stop! When I set out, it wasn’t to become a runner or to run a race. As I was losing weight, I started doing spin classes again. As my endurance grew and Spring was springing in Boston, I hit the roads to begin running. I started with a 2 mile loop near my house—I wasn’t fast, but being able to accomplish that both surprised me and motivated me to do more. Once I was running 3 miles… a little birdie in my head said—sign up for a 5k! After doing 3 of those, I couldn’t find a local 10K so I registered for a half marathon, the Boston (BAA) Half Marathon. It wasn’t until after I forked over the registration fee that I realized I now needed a plan to run! I got such a rush and feeling of accomplishment from completing my first half marathon that I completed 7 more in the 18 months since. In October, I finished my first full marathon and I’m training for another one in May. I love staying active with my husband and kids!


My name is Jane and I am Active Duty Air Force, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and loving every minute of it. There are so many great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities. I am married with two pups. I’m very excited to represent SWEET Workout and encourage others. I have a few fitness/nutrition goals for 2015 to include completing a 30 mile run, eliminating artificial sweeteners from my diet, and eat a raw/organic food diet! Some big goals for the year, but excited to start the year out good moving towards these goals. I’m coming back from an injury and starting to run again. I have include strength training to make me stronger and prevent injury. Tentative races on the calendar include, Garden of the Gods 10 Miler, and Summer Roundup Trail Run 12K.

ggs2Hi! I’m Emmalouise but most people call me Emmalou for short.
I’m a British transplant to California and loving the active lifestyle. Fitness and Nutrition became my new life a few years ago when I took on another challenge to loose weight, many attempts beforehand had failed but with the support of my amazing Husband I finally succeeded and dropped 48% of my body weight while gaining muscle. In doing so I discovered a passion for exercise I never had before and took it to the next level by qualifying as a Fitness Professional. I’m an avid Runner and since doing my first race, A Half Marathon I’m always on the hunt for new challenges with my latest being to earn my black Tough Mudder headband by the time I’m 40. It’s through challenging myself that I found I am more capable than I ever thought possible and love to encourage others to do the same. To think that before I started my journey I couldn’t even jog 0.25mi without having an Asthma attack and now I can happily maintain a 7 minute mile over 13+ miles. This comes from something I never had before – self belief. I think that self belief and a little support is all you need for amazing things to happen which is why I love to share my knowledge and help others pursue the same healthy lifestyle. Baking is also another passion of mine and can often be found in the kitchen experimenting with making healthier option Desserts and Protein treats because let’s face it, we all need a little sweet in our life.


My name is Tabitha. I currently live in El Paso, Texas. I have a wonderful husband and three crazy dogs. I currently work with military children with autism and am going to school to get my master’s degree in applied behavior analysis. After all that is complete, I love to run. My distance of choice is anything over the marathon. My fitness goals for 2015 is to stay healthy and enjoy where my fitness journey will take me. On the upcoming racing calendar I have: The El Paso Marathon 2/22, the Cactus to Cloud 50k trail run May 2, and I am going to put my name in for the Marine Corp Marathon lottery in October. Of course I normally run wherever the wind takes me so there is bound to be other races scheduled throughout the year. Train on and have a #sweetwork.

10013408_10101384187783381_3095497378035482026_oHi there! My name is Amanda Holm and I’m a 31 year old Boston native who loves being outdoors as much as possible. For as long as I can remember, my happiest moments have been outside- hiking in the White Mountains, riding my bike along the Charles River, and bringing my dog to Castle Island in South Boston. Fitness has always been a part of my life, but I’ve taken it to the next level for the past few years by running long distances. Last year I ran my first Boston Marathon, something I’m doing again this April! For the first part of this year, I’ll be continuing my training for the marathon. This means running a few times a week, with a long run every Saturday, and cross-training and yoga on my off days. I have a few shorter races before April, and then the big day is April 20! After the marathon, I’m looking forward to switching it up a bit. I’ll get back into my first love- kickboxing- and, when the snow is finally gone, I’ll get back into the mountains for some nice hikes in the Whites! I’ve also signed up for a couple more obstacle races in the fall, like the Spartan Race. I’m really excited to be a Sweet Workout Ambassador and look forward to sharing my adventures with you!

My name is Christa, but I go by anything remotely close to that since no one ever gets it right. I am a forty-something mother of 5 that woke up one day and said, “I think I am going to change my life today” and that is how my journey started. In 2007, my 5th child was born and all I wanted to do was get back in shape from the baby weight. Well, didn’t quite work out that way; in fact, just the opposite. He was born at 35 weeks so he spent 2 weeks in the NICU. I barely ate, spent all the time at the hospital and just “let myself go”. Finally I got to bring him home only for my 4th child to be diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma at 17 months old. My goals just shot out the window. I did not eat, sleep, or take care of myself during this time. Piling pounds on due to a sedentary lifestyle, then finally, it was time to change. We managed to get through the “storms” and I realized I needed to take care of ME for a change. In 2013 I made a change in eating habits and lost 42 pounds total. I still didn’t feel really good so in 2014 after the eating change, I realized I needed more, and incorporated exercise. Yes, I was the one watching those runners thinking, “are they crazy?” and now I am even worse than some of them. I just started running in November of 2014. My first 5k in 42 minutes. Then it became a “beat my last time” challenge. To date I have run 7 5ks, 2 10ks, a GoRuck 5K with a 30 lb rucksack on my back (close to 1/4 my body weight) and a half marathon. I am currently “training” for the Gate River Run (America’s largest 15k race). I hope to participate in the Savannah RocknRoll Marathon with my friends from the Rally Foundation in November 2015. I also have my daughters occasionally running the bridges with me and my son, the cancer survivor (9 yrs old now) runs 5ks with me. We have decided we are all going to be healthy and happy since every day is a gift!


Hey everyone! Mariel here hailing from the beautiful high desert sierras of Nevada! I am first generation full time student by day studying Rangeland Management and Ecology, and by night I work part time for Cabela’s. When I’m not burying my face in books, homework, and internship work, you can find me running my heart and soul out on any pavement or trail around my neighborhood. I also have fitness passions in Pilates, Yoga, and lifting which means I love to change up my routine depending on my mood and what my body is feeling. A couple events I am training for are a half marathon for my birthday weekend on April 12th, and I will also be training for a half marathon in the Lake Tahoe area in October. Besides fitness, I’m actually passionate about writing with my outlet being a blog I maintain called Project Simple Life which leads into another ongoing passion of mine that includes minimalism. I like to question societies’ idea of success of “more=better” with a more challenging thought of “less=better/happier.”


Two of the words most often used to describe Kristin are active and athletic.  She was so energetic as a child that her mom signed her up for all activities known to man in hopes of finding a slow motion button.  Dance class didn’t work; neither did ice skating.  Kristin found an immediate spark though with gymnastics.  Through the years, she became a national champion and the first person in the state of Florida to receive a perfect 10.  She learned how to intertwine dedication and determination to reach her goals.  Aside from gymnastics, Kristin also played soccer, ice hockey and skied. These days you can find her lacing up her running shoes on the streets of Celebration, FL.  Though she insists she “hates” running, she has completed numerous half marathons and marathons, as well as two Dopey Challenges. As of now, you will find her at the Marine Corps Marathon, Wine and Dine Half Marathon, and Diva’s Half Marathon St. Augustine.  Don’t ever say to her “I’ll never run a 5K (or any distance).”  She’ll be the first person to say she doubted her own ability to run.  In high school, she sprinted the 200M and 400M races in one track meet but dropped out because she hated the longer distance running required in practice.  She never imagined she would one day be running marathons. She insists that if she can do it, you can do it!

My name is Karlee. Working out and Fitness has been my passion dating back to middle school. That’s when I first fell in love with working out and it all began with my purple stepper doing Step Aerobics to Tamilee Webb! I’ve always been active in one way or another, and earned my B.S. in Exercise Science from Arizona State University. I began running after we moved here to Phoenix, Arizona and I absolutely love it!  I’ve ran several 5k’s, 15k’s, 13.1’s and a full marathon as well. Running is definitely what keeps me sane! I enjoy running by myself at times but I also love running with my husband as he pushes me to keep going when I much rather quit! My favorite time to run is in the very early morning when it’s still dark outside. I absolutely love the peacefulness and quiet, and feeling one with nature, before the hustle and bustle of the day. The motivation, inspiration, and support from both the running and workout community is like no other! I am blessed to be a part of SWEET-Workout as empowering and encouraging women is very near and dear to my heart. I promote a line of health/beauty products that range the spectrum of wellness needs and empower woman to run their own business. I’m excited to connect and meet many more SWEETies on this journey!

image1Hello SWEETies!!! My name is Ashley and I am a super proud momma of two beautiful daughters! I am a CrossFit addict and instructor, obstacle run fanatic, running junkie, and former-but-still-practicing-on-old-knees gymnast. I love to be outside running or hiking or playing in the sunshine, but this has become a major challenge for me since moving to Juneau, AK in July 2014. My top 5 fitness goals for 2015 are:
1⃣ Compete in the 2015 CrossFit Open
2⃣ Earn my Spartan Trifecta in at least two new race locations that I’ve never been to
3⃣ Improve my flexibility by learning and consistently practicing yoga
4⃣ Complete the Run the Edge 2,015 miles in 2015 Challenge with my kick butt teammates
5⃣ Personal challenge to do 20,000 burpees in 2015 (that’s 55 a day!!)
I am so excited to be chosen as an Ambassador for SWEET Workout because I absolutely LOVE helping people (especially women) realize how strong they truly are! So many of us are weighed down by life, our past, and the responsibilities of a family and just general adulthood! We need to strap those weights to a bar, lift em over our head, and show them that they won’t defeat us!!! I look forward to getting to know everyone better and hope I can help you learn the joy that comes from living a healthy life and pushing yourself to places you never thought you’d go!

A Journey Through Fitness