Week Thirteen had runners traveling to find a bridge. I immediately knew what bridge I would choose. It is the prettiest bridge in the Virginia Beach area. Located inside the Japanese Gardens at Red Wing Park.


Others who follow along sent me some amazing photos as well. Here are a few of my favorites. To see others search on Instagram using #runproject52 and you can see the rest.


Karen found this on Mountain House Creek Trail.


“My name is Christa. I have asthma and I was training for the Gate River Run. This route includes 2 bridges but since the BIG one was unavailable to pedestrian traffic I had to practice on the Acosta bridge. At first I could barely get over it walking. I started running it in late December. By mid-January I was running half the bridge and February I could run one side of the bridge. In the beginning of March, I was running the full bridge both sides. I love to stand on the top. The view of my city of Jacksonville, FL is beautiful from the top. I have seen the sun set from this bridge. I have been through rain, high temps, freezing temps on this bridge. This day it was extremely windy. Nothing like being on top of a bridge looking down on everything!”


Ashley in Juneau, AK “The Juneau-Douglas bridge is the only thing connecting the town of Juneau with the island of Douglas. The two land masses are separated by the Gastineau Channel. I’ve driven over this bridge hundreds of times but this was my first time running it. I felt so invigorated standing there, over the middle of the ocean, and just soaking it all in! One thing Juneau is not lacking is scenery! I was totally ok taking a break from my run just to enjoy the view.”

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