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FlipBelt Review and Product Testing

Have you ever set up a designed test with the hopes of saying something will fail, because it seems unrealistic to not find error in something ? That is what I attempted to do with FlipBelt, but was not the case. I was not able to find a negative thing to say. This product is absolutely amazing, and as you will see in my review passes every test I put it through. In all fairness I have to say, I contacted them to try the product in exchange for my honest review – they did not contact me.


I would like to start by saying their website is extremely user friendly, and easy to navigate! Whether your male or female, there are a ton of color choices – so it’s really a great accessory to your workout regardless your gender. My favorite color is purple, so I’m sure you can guess which color this lucky girl ordered. There are different ways to wear it, so definitely measure your waist/hips before purchasing – I wear mine around my hips. FlipBelt recommends measuring yourself where you would like to wear it, and to stay around the 2” below the max stretch circumference. You have to remember, that as you add items into the FlipBelt you are going to loose space, and it will tighten around you. Under the description tab on each link to a FlipBelt is the size guide, perfectly placed so you aren’t hunting for one while trying to order. Add to cart, place order, and now we wait – right? Kinda… Shipping was extremely fast! Faster than I expected honestly. I remember checking my mailbox and pulling out a package and wondering “What in the world is this?”… Shipping stated 3-5 days on my email confirmation, and it was here in 3 days. I was like a kid at Christmas ripping open the package. I feel it’s important to mention that I am OCD, no seriously I am. I am the crazy shopper you see at stores that is inspecting items for irregular stitching, popped seams, marks on the fabric, you name it – anything wrong and it goes back on the shelf. For a solid 30 minutes I sat on my couch twisting the belt inside and out, inspecting every last inch for some type of flaw…nothing. Well, that was unexpected. Bonus points for FlipBelt, first test passed – now on to see how much I can cram in here. I am an iPhone5 user, and have my phone in charging case which adds quite a bit of weight and bulk to the phone – that fit. Hmmm…what else can I stick in here. A protein bar…yep. Credit cards and driver’s license, you bet! My son and I set around the kitchen table like kids testing a science experiment fetching random irregular objects to see what would fit and what wouldn’t. Ladies, you’re gonna love this, those small packs of tissues fit and also act as toilet paper for those long trail runs! Tampons? Oh yeah baby! No more running with one of those shoved down my compression sleeve. Now on to functionality! FlipBelt says on their website “FlipBelt slides right on and sits snug on your hips. No bulk. No bounce.” – hmmmm… We will see about that! Now, I refer you back to my iPhone5, and the other amount of stuff I have jammed in here…right? Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees, anything I threw at the FlipBelt took it. Okay fine, how about a handstand? Surely it will slip and start to fall around my waist right? See for yourself…


No bounce, no budge…and no slipping! Love my FlipBelt, and has become one of my absolute must workout essentials and goes everywhere with me! If you would like to order one of you own, please visit FlipBelt at: or click on any of their images you see on my website! Stay SWEET!

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