About Us

SWEET Workout was born out of a need for support, motivation, and encouragement. After a running episode, I realized according to my GPS I had run further than I ever had. I came home feeling like I was the baddest mother in purple running shoes ever! Overwhelming with excitement I spew my mileage achievement to my husband who ever so casually looks at me and says flatly “Good job.” Wait…what?! That’s it? No high five, no fist bump, not even a pat on the back? Well, thanks for killing my runner’s high. So I set about changing that, and created a group for women looking for encouragement and motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes. What I initially thought was going to be a few friends has turned into a 350+ member group, a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram following. I couldn’t be more excited with how it’s moving and motivating others. It’s exactly why I set out to do it!


A Journey Through Fitness