This week I wanted everyone to run their best distance that they could, or show me what their furthest distance was for the week. Here are some of the posts…


Heather (Founder of SWEET Workout) Virginia Beach, VA


Yazmin Flores from Mexico City (translation in image) “We all have excuses, but all also have tennis!”


Marnie from Oregon “I hiked 5+ miles at Willamette Mission State Park. I came across big paw prints on the trail and put down my 20 ounce Gatorade bottle for size comparison.”


Karlee from Phoenix, AZ


Jennifer from Arkansas



Some of the funniest things I have seen while running have been street signs. So for week ten I asked runners to find me their funniest street signs. These are a few of my favorites…


Mariel from Nevada “Being a goofball is what inspired this photo. I absolutely loved the sign because I’ve never seen anything like it and not even 2 seconds later, a big huge dog chased me out of that very parking lot. He must have thought I was infringing on his turf or something.”


 Carrie from Brookfield, WI “I spent all week trying to come up with a funny street sign I could use in one of my posts. It occurred to me that all of the street signs that I knew growing up all together we’re quite funny. I spent some time reviewing the neighborhood map and picked my favorite street names to choose for the pictures. I invited my mom and my sister on a walk and we enjoyed the beautiful sunny day while I was able to document the neighborhood signs.”


Ida from Uppsala, Sweden “When I was thinking about what street signs I could post for this weeks challenge I remembered how much a group of exchange students I met in high school laughed about this sign! Especially the British kids and their teachers…”


Marnie from Oregon “There has been some owls attacking runners in the early morning hours at Bush’s Pasture Park in Salem, Oregon. I heard about this on the local news and had to check it out for myself. Most recently with all the publicity, they are now selling these signs & the money raised will go back into the city parks.”


Rosemary from San Jose, California “My story goes. My daughter and I woke up super early to drive one hour as we headed to the beach. As we are running, I first saw a sign of a fairy. (well, I DO love fairies after all). As I stopped by to read it I was inspired to take a picture. For those who are dog owners ( and dog lovers), have you ever encountered running out of doggie bags? (I do occasionally) OK. So I am not go into details of why it is important to pick after your dog but after reading this sign I have to remember that, after all, there is no dog poop fairy.”



Are you the type of runner who prefers to run during the day, or do you find the thrill of a night run more exciting? This week I challenged runners to step outside of their routine, and try a night run and capture the moonlight.


I am a the type of runner who prefers to run first thing in the morning, clear my mind, and prepare myself for what the day will hold. While I enjoyed the coolness that the night brought, it was challenging. I was also wide awake later that night! I think for me, I will stick with daytime running!


Sarah from Lethbridge Alberta Canada “I love running both during the day and at night, but for widely different reasons. Over the winter months, the majority of my running had been in the dark as I try to do it before my kids wake up or after they are in bed. Nighttime runs are peaceful and calm, but I limit them to known streets that are well lit. I absolutely love running on clear nights being able to see the stars. I will usually stop to stargaze and just enjoy being outdoors if it’s not too cold.”


Dani from Newark, CA “I prefer running when it’s light out. I tend to run alone, so I’m more comfortable running when there are now creepy shadows! When I do the same route in the dark or daylight, my running/pace is better during the day. But I am much more aware of my surroundings at night.”



To celebrate being selected as an Orange Mud Ambassador ( I choose the theme MUD for week eight. In the meantime, if you are in need of amazing hydration packs or gear, please visit Orange Mud with the above link!


So, here I am with one of my friend Krystal for the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun getting dirty. So much so, we signed up for this year’s race! Double trouble returns for round two of “Splattered SWEETies”.


Marnie from Keizer, Oregon “My inspiration for doing this mud run is to prove to myself that at age 44, I can do anything I set my mind to. I ran my first ever 5k in May 2014 and now I just completed the Buck Mountain Mudslinger 6.5 Mile Trail Run. (Silver Falls State Park) This trail run  definitely lives up to its name. I am definitely not the fastest (I finished 185 out of 190 runners) but I FINISHED. Plus my Mom loves to hear about my adventures”


Amanda from Auckland, New Zealand “So difficult to find a mud-inspired pic this week! It’s been hot and dry here, very little rain, so surprised to see this! I have a route including a walkway overlooking the beach that I run/walk while my daughter at dance class and it was found there – plus the sand can look ‘muddy’ when the tide is out! Perfect place to run after a long day at work!”


Emmalouise from Bay Area, CA “My Husband is what inspired the picture. I had been training him for a few weeks and he was finding it a struggle so I wanted to incorporate some fun into his training so that it didn’t feel like a workout. It totally worked! We spent the entire 5k laughing and joking (he is what I am smiling at in the picture). We had a great time working together and helping other people through the mud and he now say’s mud runs are his favorite.”


Hope you will join us for #runproject52 and Week Nine theme – MOONLIGHT! This week I want to challenge some of you to a little night time running. Do you run better during the day, or at night? Here’s a good way to find out. Plan a route and run it when you normally would (for me that would be morning), then the following time you would run switch it to your night run. Compare your results. I think it’s interesting to see to record and compare, sometimes the results can really surprise you.

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Time is usually something that is very important to a runner. Whether it is making the time for a run, the time it took you to run, what time the race starts – time is of the essence.


Lynsey from Raleigh, NC “Instead of sharing a picture of my current time, I chose to share this collage of time quotes. Having gotten in to running because of track in high school, I am conditioned to focus on time. But, since I’m no longer a teenager, I am trying to recondition myself to focus on the joy I get out of running as opposed to trying to get back to my best mile time. I’m training for my first 1/2 marathon and am battling a groin strain so the process of reconditioning myself to put less emphasis on time is actually getting easier! But then again, there is joy in beating your own mileage times and knowing you’ve cut 4 minutes off your time in the past year!”


Roberto from Tenero, Switzerland “My goal for the 52 weeks of this year is to set a PB on the Marathon of Zürich which I will run in April. So I am keeping training in order to achieve my goal which is a sub 3:30h for the 26.2 miles. Then even participate to my first Olympic distance Triathlon on September. I already did some sprint.. but never the Olympic distance because of swimming. But I am keeping training even on that. Today was a 4k session!!”


Ashley from Juneau, Alaska “There are so many things in our lives that pull us in a million directions. This day was no different. All day I’d been hoping to get a run in. But with hubby out of town, doctor appointments, and work schedules, I wasn’t exactly sure WHEN that was gonna happen. As luck would have it, I was able to get off job one early so I hurried home. When I got there, I had about 45 min before I had to be at job two. My daughter happened to get home earlier than normal from school. I asked her if she wanted to run with me, fully expecting her to say no. I mean really, it was rainy, her friends were playing outside, and she’d have to spend time with her mom. But she said yes! We ended up getting 2.27 miles together in 24:58. She only walked once and that was 2 miles in and only for about 40 feet. I was so proud of her!!! We spent the entire 2.27 miles talking about our day, working out some fourth grade drama issues, and just enjoying the rain and the run and the time together! With so many demands on my schedule, it was so nice to carve out an unexpected and absolutely amazing almost 25 minutes with my baby girl!”

Run Project Week Six “VALENTINE” Featured Posts


Week seven fell during Valentine’s Day weekend, so why not get creative. I challenged my followers to show me their Valentine. Your Valentine could be anything from what you got for Valentine’s Day, to that special someone who runs with you. Maybe it’s your must have most loved running accessory, or your favorite place to run. For me, it was my favorite place to run…


On a trail in the middle of First Landing State Park here in Virginia Beach, VA there a little place were travels leave a little mark. While I have never left mine, I can’t help but smile at some of the comments.


Brittany from Montana “I was inspired because Valentines Day is about love.  I love to run outside, I love Air-obics, and I love my husband, family, and friends.  A picture full of love!”


Erica from Lithia Florida “You know it’s love when your husband of 15yrs gets up at the crack of dawn (temp was 37) to go on a run with you! He’s my biggest supporter and he encourages me to push myself to do things, even when I doubt I can! He will ALWAYS be my special Valentine!”


Amanda from Auckland,  New Zealand  “14th February 1998 – the best Valentines present ever, my son was born! My middle child! So this collage includes a cute baby pic plus a disguised one in recent times – dressup for athletics day at school! I have been motivated and inspired by so many of you on Instagram and I wanted to post one pic that would give a shoutout to several all at once! Thank you all!”


Jane from Colorado Springs, CO “My husband and I have recently starting running together, and it has been a joy. He has not done a lot of distant runs, and to have him joining me as I build my miles has been great. This picture was just the perfect moment on Valentines. With the guy I love, doing the sport I love, on such a beautiful morning with the mountains in the background. Couldn’t get any better than that!”


Karlee from Phoenix, AZ “This picture was inspired by a few of my favorite things: my running shoes, the beautiful outdoors  that I’m blessed to run in, and a great big heart for my love of running!!!”


JaDee from Canton, Ohio “There are several things that influenced this Valentine picture, including my love of running and love of being outdoors, but the biggest one is the love I receive from my family and friends! The card in the picture was made by my daughter. She, my son and my guy are my biggest support system, closely followed by the amazing running communities I’ve found on-line. The love I feel helps keep me going not just in running, but in everything else as well!”

Above all else, always remember…


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