FlipBelt Review and Product Testing

Have you ever set up a designed test with the hopes of saying something will fail, because it seems unrealistic to not find error in something ? That is what I attempted to do with FlipBelt, but was not the case. I was not able to find a negative thing to say. This product is absolutely amazing, and as you will see in my review passes every test I put it through. In all fairness I have to say, I contacted them to try the product in exchange for my honest review – they did not contact me.


I would like to start by saying their website is extremely user friendly, and easy to navigate! Whether your male or female, there are a ton of color choices – so it’s really a great accessory to your workout regardless your gender. My favorite color is purple, so I’m sure you can guess which color this lucky girl ordered. There are different ways to wear it, so definitely measure your waist/hips before purchasing – I wear mine around my hips. FlipBelt recommends measuring yourself where you would like to wear it, and to stay around the 2” below the max stretch circumference. You have to remember, that as you add items into the FlipBelt you are going to loose space, and it will tighten around you. Under the description tab on each link to a FlipBelt is the size guide, perfectly placed so you aren’t hunting for one while trying to order. Add to cart, place order, and now we wait – right? Kinda… Shipping was extremely fast! Faster than I expected honestly. I remember checking my mailbox and pulling out a package and wondering “What in the world is this?”… Shipping stated 3-5 days on my email confirmation, and it was here in 3 days. I was like a kid at Christmas ripping open the package. I feel it’s important to mention that I am OCD, no seriously I am. I am the crazy shopper you see at stores that is inspecting items for irregular stitching, popped seams, marks on the fabric, you name it – anything wrong and it goes back on the shelf. For a solid 30 minutes I sat on my couch twisting the belt inside and out, inspecting every last inch for some type of flaw…nothing. Well, that was unexpected. Bonus points for FlipBelt, first test passed – now on to see how much I can cram in here. I am an iPhone5 user, and have my phone in charging case which adds quite a bit of weight and bulk to the phone – that fit. Hmmm…what else can I stick in here. A protein bar…yep. Credit cards and driver’s license, you bet! My son and I set around the kitchen table like kids testing a science experiment fetching random irregular objects to see what would fit and what wouldn’t. Ladies, you’re gonna love this, those small packs of tissues fit and also act as toilet paper for those long trail runs! Tampons? Oh yeah baby! No more running with one of those shoved down my compression sleeve. Now on to functionality! FlipBelt says on their website “FlipBelt slides right on and sits snug on your hips. No bulk. No bounce.” – hmmmm… We will see about that! Now, I refer you back to my iPhone5, and the other amount of stuff I have jammed in here…right? Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees, anything I threw at the FlipBelt took it. Okay fine, how about a handstand? Surely it will slip and start to fall around my waist right? See for yourself…


No bounce, no budge…and no slipping! Love my FlipBelt, and has become one of my absolute must workout essentials and goes everywhere with me! If you would like to order one of you own, please visit FlipBelt at: http://tinyurl.com/kqynszz or click on any of their images you see on my website! Stay SWEET!

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Run Project 52 – Week Four


Stop…drop…and HYDRATE! Welcome to week four of #runproject52 and this week’s theme. In fitness (and in life) it’s so important to be properly hydrated.

Do you know the proper formula for hydration? Throw out the idea of 8 (8 ounces) of water per day. Instead multiply your weight by 68%, and that should be your water consumption. For example:

120 pound female x .68 (or 68%) = 81.60 ounces

That might seem like a lot of water, but it can done. Remember too, water isn’t just in a glass – it’s also in the foods we consume. Did you know that celery is comprised of 95% water? Here is a helpful chart to reference when searching for fruits and vegetables with water content:


What tricks work for you to help you drink water? Personally, I have a gallon jug that I refill each day and make sure that I finish that each day! Leave a comment here and help others find helpful ways to meet their daily water intake!

Run Project 52 “SHADOW” Featured Posts


Week three brought us the theme SHADOW, and anytime I think of shadows I always think of Peter Pan. While my shadow doesn’t try to escape, or need Wendy to sew her back on – I am always chasing her down when I run. To be faster than my shadow, is to be faster than light…or at least that’s what I like to think!

“Shadow is the obstruction of light. Shadows appear to me to be of supreme importance in perspective, because without them opaque and solid bodies will be ill defined.” Leonardo da Vinci
“I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and nods when I not; my shadow does that much better.” Plutarch
“The very substance of ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.” William Shakespeare
Sometimes it’s not as easy as you think to capture your shadow. Here is what some that took up the challenge had to say, and their photos…
collage 23 January 2015
Amanda from Auckland, New Zealand “My runs this week have been – out of necessity – in the heat of the day after work. This challenge gave me something different to think about, was a little more ‘challenging’ than I expected! Took me a few days to do because one night I forgot my phone, another the battery was flat, another it was later in the evening and slight cloud cover ie no shadows! On the last night, it was all on! My hubby came with me as he suggested taking pics in the park behind our house – has big light poles for when they play soccer at night and he thought that would cast a good shadow… and we just went from there! Had the bonus of making my 5ft 1in person look tall! That day was my birthday! He came home from work with some beautiful flowers for me, then we did a short run round the block in the dreaded heat with a couple of pauses for pics. Later that evening we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and a walk along Mission Bay – very popular place in Auckland. Great day all round! It’s summer here in New Zealand, the temperatures inAuckland have been 24 – 28 deg C and it’s a very humid heat- makes it feel hotter!”
Yasmin from Mexico City “I enjoyed this challenge because when I am running I look at my shadow all the time and I think it’s the one who still in my way.”
Iaila from Morocco “Actually, the theme was very inspiring and the thing is that I always focus on shadow (mine or others) while running. It s entertaining and beautiful how it changes under different light.”
Mariel from Northern Nevada “I loved how we could get creative with our photos this week for the shadow challenge because silhouettes are some of my favorite kind of photos to take. It’s all about shape and using that concept to create something beautiful. My shadow photo was inspired by the amazing run I had this morning because the sun was coming up and the trail I picked had a lot of hills and rocks to hurdle over, and this particular location was my ‘it moment’. A random fact about me: As much as I love running and fitness, I’m a huge science nerd with my major in Rangeland Management and Wildlife Ecology!”
Karlee from Phoenix, Arizona “I enjoyed this weeks challenge because it really allowed me to get creative! This picture was inspired by my daughter who loves to be in pictures with me.
Just like most people, I have a jam packed life. I work a full time job, I run my own side business and my husband is a Firefighter/paramedic so many days throughout the month I am a solo parent. So, if I want to get my run in my daughter joins me. Life is all about priorities and choices and we choose to be a fit family!”
Katie from New Freedom, PA “This this picture was taken while running around my very hilly neighborhood in lovely South Central Pa. New Freedom is a sleepy small town suburb to Baltimore or York. The NCR (North Central Rail) is accessible less than a mile from my front door. It’s great for running with friends, which doubles as therapy time! The day I snapped these shots what’s the first day of the week I was able to get outside to run by myself, between kids home for snow days, or work (when I opt to treadmill my runs). When you think about it, I really put myself in a dangerous position–trying to run and maneuver my hand to capture the shadow; I’m not such a graceful person!  But truly, this challenge had me focus more on the the beauty of nature; how the shadows create ever changing works of art, and that God made each one. I enjoyed that being the focus of that run: not my speed, nor distance, but that I have the privilege to run in a beautiful place. I often joke that I’m a women in her, ehem, upper 30s that acts like a 15 year old, at least when it comes to social media! A pretty textbook extrovert, I enjoy being connected in the areas that interest me and my family. Since Thanksgiving Day I have been “run streaking” and befriended so many through several social media platforms. What a great community for encouragement! It has given me a renewed motivation to be healthy, fit and happy!”
Shylee and two-and-a-half-year-old, Benaiah “When I first saw that week 3 for #runproject52 was going to be shadow I knew I needed to add a photo of Ben. He is my reason for running. I also knew it would be difficult to get a picture of any shadows because I run at night. This was taken under a lamp out side of the hospital we went to to visit my grandmother (who was subsequently diagnosed with cancer in her small intestine during this visit) after a 6 mile run. My young son loves to run and loves to tell other people about mommy’s running. He enjoys cheering mommy on during her races and I enjoy hugging him at the finish line. He is my inspiration to train daily, to line up at the start line and to push through to the finish line. This photo of a shadow way more than two sillohetts to me. This picture symbolizes everything that drives me to be a better me; why I strive to be the best businesswoman, athlete, Air Force wife, and mother that I can be.”
Erica M. from Lithia, Florida “Several years ago my husband would have to beg me to run or do something active with him, which my response was usually no I didn’t feel well or did not have the energy to walk, much less run. Now we often run together and he has become my biggest training buddy and supporter in getting me out the door for a run. I could not do this without him. I love running at night so I took an opportunity to play with the lights and our shadows! Just keep moving forward, one step in front of the other and never look back! your shadows will always be there, let them chase you, the new you, the runner in you, will always win!”
Lynsey from Raleigh, NC. “I enjoyed this week’s theme because with outdoor running, I always enjoy seeing my shadow. I use it for motivation. Knowing that I will never actually “catch” my shadow, I still try! I also use it as a mirror to help with my form. I constantly check my shadow to see if I need to fix anything to help me run better. My picture this week was inspired by the sun. I actually took the long shadow picture out on the road post-run. However, as I was walking in to my house, the sun cast my shadow on our brick wall and I just had to take that shot. That particular shadow picture reminded me of a silhouette picture of my mom that I’ve always loved. She passed away almost three years ago, so I couldn’t help but think that was also her way of saying she was with me on my run.”
I hope you will join us for week four which started this morning at 10:00am! Be sure to use hashtag #runproject52 on your social media posts, so they can be found!

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Run Project 52 – Week Three


Welcome to Week Three of Run Project 52, and this week’s theme of SHADOW. I often feel like Peter Pan chasing my shadow while I am out running. It is my constant companion, and when I am out I’ll race her down. Get creative, and show my your best shadows! Be sure to use hashtag #runproject52, so I can find your posts!


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Run Project 52 “GEAR” Featured Posts


For Week Two of Run Project 52 the challenge was to show me your gear! As the creator of #runproject52, of course I had to take part!


This is my flat runner to show off my GEAR. SWEET Workout also supported Meg’s Miles, and more information on Meg’s Miles be be found here – http://megsmiles.com. I had been waiting for a very special day to wear that shirt.  Here are some of my favorite pieces of gear:

  1. My Lynx Sportswear Curvy Tight pants (http://www.lynxsportswear.com/product-p/70001.htm) – These pants fit amazingly, and provide a great amount of support. Fitted throughout the leg, but not overly so. There is no bunching, and the wide band at the waist doesn’t roll. Best of all, unlike some of my other athletic pants, they don’t split the V (if you know what I mean…)! The stitch quality is really good, and these pants have held up well in the washing machine/dryer. There’s been no shrinking or popped threads.
  2. My Orange Mud HydraQuiver (http://www.orangemud.com/collections/running-packs/products/hydraquiver?variant=280096188) – This is my new best friend for any run over a few miles. It is lightweight, and provides easy access to water. I’m not a fan of running with things in my hands, so this pack is the perfect solution for me. I have tried other “Bakpacks”, and always found something to complain about. Between the pack being overly heavy, bouncing right in the middle of your spine, and then that valve system that never really comes apart to clean – ummm…pass. The Orange Mud solution is perfect, because I can take the entire bottle apart and sanitize it! I also tried a “fanny pack with retractable straw”. Again, in concept great – application, not so much. As a woman with hips I had to strap it down so tight around my waist to get it from bouncing in my lowers back that I am sure I looked ridiculous. Bets of all Orange Mud is made in the USA! You can see the quality and care that goes into their products! Definitely give Orange Mud a try if you are in the market for a hydration pack, and no I wasn’t paid for this review.
  3. My Yorkberg compression sleeves (http://yorkberg.com) – These sleeves are amazing, and after 6+ months of continuous use are still as tight as the day I bought them.
  4. My newest addition which I am very excited about is my FlipBelt (http://tinyurl.com/kqynszz) – This a runner’s dream come true, especially if you’re like me and hate arm bands. I dread pulling out my armband to run in. It’s either too tight, and cuts the circulation off to my hand while I run – or it’s too loose and my phone is bouncing all over the place. There is no “happy medium”, and I am not about to carry it either. After doing some research, I came across FlipBelt, and sought them out to try it. I am putting this belt through some pretty crazy tests – weighted handstands to see if it would slip around, and numerous other activities. It is passing with flying colors every time. I use an iPhone 5 in a charging case, and it fits securely into the pouches, and doesn’t move around or come out (unless I take it out). I wear mine around my hips, and it doesn’t start “walking” it’s way up to my waist either while I am running. Full product review will be coming soon!
  5. Last but not least, my very own SWEET wristband to keep me motivated, and remind myself why I started SWEET Workout.

I asked those selected what was their one piece of gear they couldn’t live without. What they enjoy most about running? Why did they decide to do the Run Project 52?  I’m curious to know, aren’t you?


Ida from Uppsala, Sweden “The gear I value the most this time of the year is definitely my Icebug running shoes. The grip on ice and snow is amazing, so I’m never afraid of slipping. They do make me slower, but it’s totally worth it since I don’t like treadmills. The thing I enjoy most about running is how it clears my head. I usually run in the evening when my kids have gone to sleep and no matter how stressful my day has been I always come back home feeling balanced and happy! Running has also helped me to accept my body in a whole new way. I have always been really skinny and very self conscious about it, but since I started running I don’t think about it nearly as much as before. I decided to take on the run project challenge because of all the amazing inspiration I get from your Instagram account, and from all the other participants!”

Sarah from Denver, Colorado “This picture was taken at the top of Mt. Evans. This is one of our fourteeners and we race up it every year in June after they plow the snow off. The race is 14.5 miles from 10,000 ft elevation to above 14,000 ft. It is a transcendent experience to say the least!!! My favorite gear is my shoes. I am a running shoe junkie. I made the transition over the last year from a shoe with a 10mm heel/toe drop to a zero drop shoe. I am in LOVE with the Brooks Pure Project!! If you get right down to it, all you need to get out on the mountain and run is your shoes!!! The Pure Project shoes has made the last year a year of injury free running!! Running is like meditation for me. When I am out on the trail or on a mountain road I feel such a connection to everything around me. I decided to join the Run Project 52 Challenge because I love being a part of the running community and this is a great way to connect and learn from others!! My parents are runners, and I ran in my first race by the Coors Brewery when I was in Kindergarten. I have enjoyed racing throughout my life, but now that I am a mother of two I have found that running is more of a joy and relaxation experience rather than solely a competitive endeavor!”
Lynsey from Raleigh, NC “The gear I value most… Good question! I know my post stated I can’t run without my music but I think I’ll have to say my running shoes are the gear I value most because without them, running would be nearly impossible for me. I actually have horrible knees so the appropriate shoes are key! I have found New Balance works best for me and all my ailments. What I enjoy most about running is the freedom and solitude it allows. It allows me time to reflect and clear my mind. I am kind of a wimp when it comes to weather so I hit the dreadmill during the winter, but even there surrounded by other gym goers (often within less than arms length away) I can be lost in the music and thoughts. When I get to be outdoors, I enjoy the time in nature and peacefulness it can provide. Running is also a time I can go into prayer and be with the Lord without distraction. I guess you could say running is my form of meditation. I love that running is for me and teaches me more about myself with each run. I ran track in high school which is where i discovered my love for running. I did the mile and relay. I never imagined doing more than 3 miles at a time. I thought it would be impossible for me. But through running I have found my limits can be pushed and that many of those limits are highly flexible, with running and every day life. I chose to participate in #runproject52, because I love challenges (seriously, I did the #100happydays challenge twice)! I love spreading the word about running and encouraging others, but I often am at a loss of how to do so. After reading the information for this challenge, I thought it would be a great way to spread the positivity of running! I also am looking forward to how the challenge will help me in my own running and boundaries. And lastly, I chose to do this as a way to interact with and gain the knowledge of other runners.”

Yazmin from Mexico City “I value most my music, because it make me feel stronger and full of energy. What I enjoy most about running is the achievement feeling when I feel that I can’t anymore and I give that little extra effort. I decide to take on the Run Project 52 Challenge, because I want to run the whole year and I think this project is so different and fun that keeps me motivated. For me, running is the closest thing to fly because when I feel the wind on my face I feel free, when I give an extra effort I feel strong and when I break my records I feel powerful, like an eagle.”

collage_Waipu Runstreak

Amanda from Auckland, New Zealand “If I had to pick one piece of gear, probably would be my Fitbit – I’ve had it for a couple of years, and it still motivates me…no cheating, no ignoring, just keeping it real. But with saying that, I travel light – no big mileageso don’t need much. What do I enjoy about running?  Well – I still don’t think of myself as a runner! I am still amazed that I can doit! I like that I can go further (than if I was walking), and even the ‘once round the block’ run will generally give me something new to look at. I like it when I get to theplace and pace where I feel I could justkeep going…don’t get me wrong – it’s really slow (!) but my breathing calms down and my pace gets steady and my minds just wanders. Great after a long day at work. Equally great way to start the day. If someone had told me a year ago that I would have been doing this…well, I would’ve thought they were crazy! I took up the Run Project 52 challenge as a way to motivate myself.  I started my runstreak 1st September 2014. Can’t really remember why now – just seemed to tick all the boxes! Was going to run for the entire Kiwi spring…and just kept going by hijacking all these Instagram runstreaks! I’ve been #streakingwiththecoolkids, #rwrunstreak, and currently #cupidrunstreak (my son was born on Valentine’s Day so I thought this was cool!). There’s nothing too special about me, I’m just a normal mum of three – all getting grown up now.  Married for 30 years to a man that took up Marathon running quite late compared to some – I’m happy with my little distances! (or is that what they all say??!)”


JaDee from Canton, Ohio “I would have to say the one piece of gear that I value the most is my Nike run app…any app with a gps, really. When I started running I didn’t have anything like it. I had to guesstimate my milage, and even though that was ok (the run itself is the important thing) being a “type A” personality I would have loved to be able to track my runs like I do now. I also love the fact that you can challenge friends and earn badges, that makes an already fun activity even more fun for me! Running is and will always be my “me time”, and especially right now when things are hectic, I make sure I find the time for it. The one thing I would say to everyone about their gear us find what works for you. Different things motivate each one of us. So if you find something that works, use it! But on that same note, never be afraid to try something new because it may be just the thing you need to make your workout even better!!”


Erica from Lithia, Florida “Besides my Spark (gives me some much needed energy), my bluetooth headphones are definitely my must haves. The music gives me a beat to pace myself, it takes me to another place in my running, I feel the beat, I feel my feet hit the pavement and I just escape. I have fibromyalgia, and when I am running I feel free of pain and without worry. It makes me forget the control that fibro once had over my body. I took on the Run Project 52 Challenge because it gives me a voice, allows me to express my passion for running and anything fitness. Getting the word out there to other women who may have something going on in their life, that running, or getting active just may help them as much as it has me. Never give up on life, it literally takes one foot in front of the other to defeat whatever you are dealing with. Running was always there for me, no matter what life has thrown at me. Eight years of my life were in torment due to fibro, and I will never let that get me down again.”


Sarah from Mesa, AZ “I really don’t have ONE piece of gear I value most. Gear is expensive and I have to consider very carefully what I want. But, there are three pieces that help enormously. First is my Nathan Vapor Shape hydration pack. During the summer I used my children’s Camelbaks, but they were not big enough. After keeping a close eye on everyone’s packs they were using out on the desert trails, I decided on this one. It fits so nicely and has so much room! The plastic bladder was disgusting so I subbed in my 3 liter Camelbak bladder and that was all I needed. It’s perfect for long runs, trail runs and those hot summer runs! My other two are my Nathan Quick Shot handheld bottle and my flip belt. They’re perfect for short runs! Even a couple miles in the hot desert sun can dehydrate a person, this bottle allows just enough for those shorter runs. In the winter when the air is dry and cold, it also helps to just keep my throat from becoming too dry. My flipbelt allows for hands free running! I hate holding my phone and the arm bands don’t work for me. With the flip belt I can stuff in my phone (easy access) my keys, a little cash, and a fuel for 6+ winter miles. Together those three items make my runs so much easier to enjoy. I love running. I always have. I was a runner in elementary school and continued throughout my schooling. I got out of the habit after having children and picked it back up in 2013. I run to help clear my head, I run to be a nicer mom, I run to be strong, I run for exercise, and now I run 4 Jaylee, a sweet three year old with disabilities that I was paired up through a Facebook page called I Run For Michael and a website www.whoirun4.com. She provides me with so much inspiration. I joined the Run Project 52 because I figured it’d be a way to connect with other runners throughout the world. I love “meeting” new runners and get so much motivation and support from everyone. I hope I can provide even some small amount back.”


Illa from Mexica City “My most valued piece of gear is my Nike Watch!!! I love the feeling of accomplishment after a run, doesn’t matter if it’s 1 mile or 26 – always I felt great. I joined Run Project 52 because I love watching another runners pics. It helps me to feel inspired. My goal for this year is training 262 times, mixed running/gym sessions, 1.200km and 2 Marathons (San Diego and hopefully NY).”

Photo Collage Maker_15Zzlq

Jackie from Covina, CA “My favorite piece of running gear has got to be my Garmin. I use it each and every time I run. I love it because it tracks how far I’ve come. Literally and figuratively. I can compare my runs and see if my time is faster or slower. Love taking a picture of my time and distance. I joined #runproject52 to help keep me accountable on a weekly basis. I’ve enjoyed seeing other runners on Instagram, and the project helps me to connect to other runners. One of my running goals is to run a race in each state. I’m up to 6, but am looking forward to accomplishing this one day!”

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SWEET Workout Ambassador Program


SWEET Workout is excited to announce the launch of its first ever Ambassador Program! I have been extremely blessed by the running community, and the support of my family and friends that I would like to give back to some special SWEETies and SMARTies!


Do you have what it takes? I would love to find out! Applications are being accepted now, and the deadline to apply is February 27th, 2015. Ambassador details are on the application, and selected applicants will be notified personally.

Apply Here: https://sweetworkout.wufoo.com/forms/md07eph0toi4ho/

Run Project 52 – Week Two


Welcome to week two of Run Project 52 – a global running project that is gaining momentum, and will challenge you throughout the year to run outside of your box.


The second challenge is GEAR. Get creative, and remember to use hashtag #runproject52 and identify your theme or week in your social media posts to make it easy to find you! Up to 10 posts will be contacted to be featured in our blog. Those who participated in week one for STRETCH have been contacted, and will be posted soon.


Run Project 52 “STRETCH” Featured Posts


The first official week of Run Project 52 with theme STRETCH had an amazing turn out of posts, and people using hashtag #runproject52. I loved reading everyone’s posts, their images, and their creativity. It was really hard to chose 10 posts to feature, and I know as this grows it is going to get even harder!


Of course as the creator of Run Project 52 I had to get in on the action. I chose to hang upside and STRETCH, which is great for lengthening the muscles and helping to decrease back pain. What I didn’t realize was how difficult it would be to take a picture while hanging upside.


So I asked those posting do you stretch before or after a run? What do you enjoy most about running? Why are you taking on Run Project 52? Here is what some had to say…

Karlee from Phoenix, AZ “I typically stretch out after my runs. Even though I know how important stretching is for us, I must admit, I wasn’t always good at taking the time to do so. After having serious IT band issues, I make sure to squeeze my stretches in now! I love the way running make me feel, mind and body. I have such clarity and great thoughts and ideas during my runs. Running definitely increases confidence all around. Pushing our bodies even when our brains tell us to stop, we are capable of so much more than we think. I decided to take on the Run Project 52 because it gives me something to look forward to each week. I love connecting with fellow runners and it’s fun to see what other people are out there doing on their running adventures.”

Chelsea from Northern Scotland “I like to stretch after my runs as my body is warmer then. The thing I enjoy most about running is the peacefulness it affords me. There is something meditative about it. I also like pushing myself! I decided to take on the project because I really like SWEET Workout’s message and the project seemed like a really fun thing to incorporate into my running schedule.”


Mariel from Reno,Nevada “I ALWAYS stretch before and after my runs… especially after. It’s how yoga became a larger part of my life. I have found that a quick active stretch before my runs helps prevent injury, and after my runs I have a simple yoga sequence I follow to stretch out my calves and hammies the most. I can’t stress enough the importance of stretching after a run. I have recovered faster and prevented injury since I started doing it more. I love the scenery my runs allow me to experience. I’m blessed to live in a mountainous region, so new paths and trails are always the best part because you never know where that run will take you or show you. I took on the Run Project 52 challenge to keep running fun. So often we get so enveloped in accomplishing goals and PR’s that sometimes we forget that running brings so much more than that to our lives… especially mine. Fun Fact #1: I was NEVER athletic (I couldn’t even do 10 pushups or run 1 mile 8 months ago!!) It just comes to show that anything is possible if you find a way to love exercise and never give up being curious to trying new things. Fun Fact #2: I blog about simple living and finding our way in life on ProjectSimpleLife.com as a fun side project.”


JaDee from Canton, Ohio “I’m an after run stretcher. I feel like I get a better stretch when my muscles are warm after a run. What do I enjoy most about running? Oh where to start?!?! It’s been the one constant in my life when things have gone haywire. It’s my sanity time. It’s my chance to push my limits and prove to myself just what I’m capeable of. It makes me feel good inside and out. Its been something that has brought the best out in me and helped me to find the courage to help others bring out the best in themselves as well. I took on the Run Project 52 because I love to take photos, there is so much beauty around us to see. So to be able to combine the two was something I just couldn’t pass up! I love trying to find the perfect shot for a challenge! If I could tell everyone just one thing it would be don’t let someone tell you you can’t reach your goals. I will never forget having a track coach tell me “don’t set your goal too high, you may end up disappointed”. I couldn’t believe my ears!! I worked harder than ever that year to achieve my goal. I made that dream a reality. When it comes to YOUR dreams, YOU know what you are capeable of. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Set a goal, believe in yourself, then go out and get it. You are able to make your dreams reality too!!”


Erika from Indiana, PA “I didn’t stretch much until I was injured. Now I stretch in the morning, after I run, and in the evening. I run to relieve stress. Running gives me peace and a feeling of freedom. It’s a bit of me time. I decided to take part in the Run Project 52 Challenge in order to be motivated by and motivate others in our fitness journey.”


Shylee and my son Ben from St. Louis area. “I stretch both before and after my runs but more extensively afterward. I enjoy being in my “Me Place” when I run. I am alone and racing myself as well as setting and surpassing goals. To me, running is therapy, solitude, and excitement all at once. I decided to take on run project 52 as a way to branch out my creativity and expand my brand as a new personal personal. I have a passion for living a happy, healthy life and hope to help others embrace it themselves. Check out my personal journey and blog on Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=338956402928315


Krista, Green River from WyomingUsually I stretch afterwards. During the warmer months I run down by the river and it is about a five minute walk to get there, so I consider that my pre-run stretch. Now that we have a yoga studio that opened in town I am taking weekly classes to help get flexible. I enjoy running outside the most, because I run by a river and there are always geese and rabbits to see. Every once in awhile I get to see deer as well. It beats staring at a wall while running on a treadmill any day of the week! I also love the warm fuzzies that I get after a run is over – like having just had a great massage, a good nap, or a hot bubble bath. I am not so good at following through on things so I thought once a week with Run Project 52 would be much easier than once a day! .I am headed to my second annual Disney Princess Half Marathon next month and cannot wait! This year I am signed up for the Glass Slipper challenge. You can find me on my blog at FreshSnarkServedWeekly.com.”


Kate from Central British Columbia, Canada “I try to stretch before but mostly after my run, sometimes I forget to though. We’re all human. Running is my “me” time to think about everything from the meaning of life, to what I’m making for dinner. I like the idea of a weekly goal with Run Project 52, and to post about. It will keep me accountable in getting my weekly mileage in. I am a coach with Team Beachbody and I hope to inspire people with my running and workouts. If any one wants to follow me they can Facebook: www.facebook.com/FearlessFitnesswithKate. Thank you for this chance to get my story out there! #BeFearless”


Heather from New Jersey “I stretch before and after almost all my runs! Before, I use dynamic stretching such as leg swings and walking lunges to help loosen and warm up. After my run, I usually go through yoga poses that help stretch and relax. Running to me is my time! When I head out for a run, it’s almost as if life gets put on pause and I can just go!  It’s my time to step away from the hustle and the bustle and just be with myself, as I am!   It’s my chaotic relaxation time! I wanted to be a part of the Run Project 52 challenge hoping to spread some inspiration around! And to BE inspired! Challenges often help spread the love! Theme projects are always fun, they shake things up, and add little twists.”


Curious to see who else posted, where they are from, learn their stories, or connect with other runners? Search Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #runproject52, and see who else is posting!

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Run Project 52 “INTERSECTION” Featured Posts

Last week SWEET Workout launched Run Project 52 with a preview week. The theme was INTERSECTION, and many participated through Instagram by posting pictures that lead them to an intersection. Here are a few of our favorites…


Amanda from Savannah, GA “I love running because it challenges me, and there’s always a new goal to conquer. It never gets boring! I am participating in the Run Project 52 Challenge because it combines two of my favorite things: running and taking pictures! I also love connecting with people on Instagram from all over the world that I would not meet otherwise. January 10, I am running the Rails to Trails 50k in Savannah, GA. This will be my third ultra and I’m very excited to see what I can accomplish this year. Thanks for the feature. I am looking forward to sharing 2015 with all of you!”


Martika from Rio Grande Valley,TX “My love for running was a progressive state of mind. I love the sense of wellbeing I get from doing something healthy for myself. I started with treadmill walking and walking around the neighborhood to 5k’s, and now adding miles to my calendar makes me giddy!! It helps that I don’t have to be an expert just committed. I’m part of the #runproject52 because as a newbie I wanted to make sure I kept focused this year, and wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. I’m excited for the weekly challenges that I might otherwise overlook as a new outdoor runner. I want people to know that every step and goal you set doesn’t have to be monumental. Baby steps add up. Commit to just doing something and before you know it the passion will ignite. I haven’t looked back and I’m thankful for the online communities like SWEET Workout that help and encourage you.”


Karlee from Phoenix, AZ “How do I pick the one thing I enjoy most about running?! There are so many reasons!! I suppose if I must pick one it would be the sense of accomplishment. The feeling at the end of a run that you just did something great for your body and mind. The rush of endorphins and increased confidence that each run brings, no matter how long of a run or the pace. Our bodies can do so much more than our minds will allow us to comprehend! I just love that runners high! I stumbled across Run Project 52 on Instagram right at the end of 2014 as I was working on setting goals for the New Year. This seemed like a fun, achievable project to incorporate into my life and I love all the support and fun pictures fellow runners share. The running community is one of the many things I love about the sport and am so excited to be a part of #RunProject52! I began running in 2010 and have completed several 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, and a full marathon. There is nothing like running on the open roads, enjoying nature and all the beauty of this world. My favorite time to run is in the dark of the morning, before the sun comes up. That peaceful, quiet, stillness of time before most people are awake, a few birds chirping and the stars and moon are beginning to fade. That time alone, clearing my mind, talking to God; I have my best thoughts and ideas during these runs! It’s hands down the best way to start the day!!!”


Karen from Tampa, FL “What I love most about running? It is my alone time, my ‘me’ time! I decided to take on Run Project 52 because I feel like I’ve lost the enjoyment in my running because of the intensity of the marathon training. I am trying to bring some of that back. While it is a cliche, I turn 40 this year and wanted to have the marathon milestone completed before that happened. If it wasn’t for this, I don’t think I would ever have pushed myself to run a full. I have had a love/hate relationship with the training and don’t think I will ever do it again.”


Carrie from Wauwatosa, WI “Why do I love running? I get to  spend time with awesome women and being outdoors (rain, shine, or snow)! I run every week, but with the Run Project 52 it’s been fun plotting my routes and being creative with the themes!”


Jen from New York, NY “What I love most about running is that it gives me a reason to get outside, take a few minutes (or hours on distance runs!) for myself and process my thoughts, ideas and plans. Running has helped me become more patient, organized and focused. I decided to do Run Project 52 because SWEET Workout’s Instagram account is a great source of inspiration and I wanted to be a part of that! Plus, it reminds me to be more creative about my IG photos. I found running as a way to get back into shape after I had my second son; and I never imagined how far the sport would take me. What started out as an activity became a complete obsession – in a healthy way! I’ve made some wonderful friends through running, and become closer with friends who are runners. Racing has dared me to leap outside my comfort zone and created opportunities for me to travel to places I wouldn’t otherwise visit. This year, I will race in Houston, Rome, Cleveland, Berlin and the Polar Circle. Scheduling these races has pushed me to train harder and make dramatic improvements in my pace. One of the most exciting and unintended benefits of running is that my children see the dedication I have to the sport, to setting goals, getting excited about them and working really hard to achieve them. As they get older, I believe my passion for running will guide them to make healthy choices and to understand that nothing comes easy – to achieve their dreams, they need to build a strong foundation, work super hard and take risks along the way.”


Remember to use hashtag #runproject52 for your chance to be featured on our blog! Up to 10 will be picked each week, and contacted with details on how to be featured! Happy running, and stay SWEET!