Run Project 52 – Beginning


Today begins the start of a new year long adventure with SWEET Workout – Run Project 52! What exactly is Run Project 52? A running adventure that will hopefully make you run outside your box, and shake up your runs. Your mission (should you choose to accept)? Each week on our social media platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest) SWEET Workout will post a new image with the week’s corresponding theme. Capture an image along your run that represents that theme, upload your image to your social site (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), and use hashtag #runproject52 to tag your photo. You can also email your pictures to SWEET Workout. Be sure to include the week or theme in the post or email. Up to 10 participating followers will be featured on our sites! Our hope here at SWEET Workout is to create a global excitement for happy healthy running that will last throughout the year!

Since there has been so much curiosity lately, we have decided to launch things a little early with a preview…


The theme is INTERSECTION. Get creative, and see where your run leads you! Don’t forget to use hashtag #runproject52, and mention the theme or week in your post! This helps SWEET Workout identify your pictures while searching! Stay SWEET, and happy running!

Please contact SWEET Workout if you have any questions regarding this project! Sharing on social media platforms is greatly appreciated! Please remember as a running community we work together to encourage everyone!

With a little determination and encouragement…


In the words of Marilyn Monroe – “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” No one ever said what type of shoes they needed to be though. For me, I found my personal strength in a pair of Brooks running shoes, and no – Brooks doesn’t pay me to say that – I happen to be partial to Brooks. Running, training, and the satisfaction that came from getting stronger with each passing mile was amazing – and I knew I needed to share what I found with everyone I possibly could. SWEET Workout was growing, but I wanted to do more. It’s hard to connect when everyone’s schedules are so varied. What was the answer? Virtual Challenges!


Virtual Challenges can be as helpful as the $100.00 workout DVDs you purchased last week. The bottom line is accountability. Who’s to say whether or not you actually accomplished today’s challenge? No one but yourself. To cheat yourself out of success is selling yourself short, undermining everything you want to accomplish, and believing that you aren’t capable of the very thing it is you want. It’s easy to say I am going to set about changing something I dislike about myself, it is another to actually make strides towards doing it.


Establishing routines is the easiest way to create a habit. For some it is saying they will set their alarm clock 30 minutes earlier, for others it is working through lunch to go to the gym after work, or packing gym clothes to go during their lunch break. Wherever you can find time in your schedule, make it happen! Remember this always, you don’t “have” time – you “MAKE” time! Make it a priority – your body will thank you!


For me, personal satisfaction is found when my “SWEETies” (as I have lovingly come to call them), comment and post in our closed groups and virtual challenges. Knowing that I am behind the scenes motivating these women drives me to be an even stronger person! Find what motivates you, so your energy will overflow and be a light to shine for others to see. I love to think that is what makes SWEET Workout so unique – I make it a goal to form personal connections and relationships with the women who actively participate in the group and events. If someone is behind you supporting you every step of the way, you are that much more likely to succeed! SWEET Workout wants every woman to succeed!


This email recently received here at SWEET Workout headquarters just about sums it all up though:

I wanted to share with you my personal experience with the Sweet Workout 30 Day Challenge. I am a 52 year old female, overweight most of my life and have been trying to make lifestyle adjustments to improve my overall health and lose about 50 lbs. I have lost a total of 20 lbs since February by walking 5 days a week and making healthier food choices. With the arrival of the colder weather and time change I needed to find some other activity during the winter. My niece introduced me to the Sweet Workout 30 Day Challenge. I am willing to try anything, and decided I would give this a shot. I had to make a few modifications initially to the push-ups and planks, but by the 5th day I lost 2 lbs. I was so surprised how easy this has been and can’t wait to see what changes will occur by day 30. I can already see improvement in my strength and muscle tone. This gradually builds from one day to the next adding more reps and new challenges as it progresses. I have tried other fitness programs before, but they have been so difficult from the start that I got discouraged and gave up feeling like it was designed for people more physically fit and athletic. This feels like a program I can easily maintain and can accomplish in a few minutes each day!”


If you haven’t checked out what SWEET Workout is all about…maybe it’s time for you should! Email us, find us on Facebook, check us out on Instagram! Whatever you do though… Stay SWEET!