It’s only the beginning…


I love running in a race. There is no greater feeling than the night before when you know you should be getting a good night’s sleep – but you are too excited to close your eyes and shut your brain down. You’ve spent the day before eating exactly what you know you should, hydrated to the point where you think you are going to float away or possibly have an accident if you coughed or sneezed, and if you’re anything like me – your race day outfit is already planned and waiting for you.

I like to arrive at a race early enough to stretch, and find a nice place in my starting corral – typically somewhere around the middle. I don’t like to dart out of the gate, but I’m also not one to wait patiently either. Recently I ran in one of the largest timed races to date, and it was an amazing feeling to be amidst all these runners. It was energizing me for the run ahead.


We started in corral 6 of 9 to give you an idea of just how many people there were. Now, I am all about running groups…heck, I am the Founder of SWEET Workout after all. At this race there were a few of my SWEETies out there with me, but we all run at different paces. It wasn’t our intention to stay together the entire time. Finish line fun and shenanigans is our motto, each of us has PR we are trying to best – which brings me to the point of my rant. If you are running a race in a running group pacing each other, please be aware of how much road space you are taking up. I don’t want to seem rude when I come running up behind you, have to say excuse me, and nudge you slightly (because you’re either not paying attention or your music is too loud – but that’s another rant). Please don’t pace your group in a single file horizontal line, instead stagger yourselves allowing 2-3 feet between you. This allows other to get through, but keeps you close enough to pace and chat. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than a runner tripping on someone else trying to get through, but I am sure it happens. Let’s all safely cross that finish line, shall we?


Let’s face it, we all paid virtually the same amount (depending on when you signed up) to be there. One of things I have to come love the most out of the running community is it’s the most encouraging and supporting group of people out there. Runners high five and fist bump when they pass each other in opposite directions, and no matter if you’re faster or slower than the runners beside you – only positive energy and motivating comments can be heard. I never feel self conscience, or like I have no business being out there. It’s all about courtesy too. Take some time to learn some running etiquette, and be prepared. I definitely did, but I am still learning too.


Another Cinderella in Running Shoes Story…


As a full time mommy, business owner, soccer coach, and recent founder of SWEET Workout (a Virginia Beach, VA based fitness movement) – I juggle everything from clients to soccer schedules, meal plans to homework and housework. I recently found that running was an excuse to give me time to myself. After a month I realized I was seriously addicted. Not only was it anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours of peace, there was also that sudden burst of energy and euphoric feeling I have now come to know as “runner’s high” to look forward to.
In the last 2 months I’ve completed 5 races, and have decided I’ll need a 3rd job in 2015 to pay for race entry fees and running shoes! Once you’ve started one thing is for sure, you won’t stop! I spend more on athletic apparel than I do on anything else. And don’t think for a second those soccer socks are going around in the washing machine with my gear. Every week I have a special load I wash separately, which is lovingly referred to as my “runner girl gear”.
As supportive as my family is, SWEET Workout was born out of a need for support, motivation, and encouragement. After a running episode, I realized according to my GPS I had run further than I ever had. I came home feeling like I was the baddest mother in purple running shoes ever! Overwhelming with excitement I spew my mileage achievement to my husband who ever so casually looks at me and says flatly “Good job.” Wait…what?! That’s it? No high five, no fist bump, not even a pat on the back? Well, thanks for killing my runner’s high. So I set about changing that, and created a group for women looking for encouragement and motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes. What I initially thought was going to be a few friends has turned into a 200+ member group, a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram following. I couldn’t be more excited with how it’s moving and motivating others. It’s exactly why I set out to do it!
Now I’m at another place…blogging. Holy Blogger Batman?! What exactly have I gotten myself into. I’m not exactly sure. A few things I can tell you… I’ll always be honest. It might not always be attractive, because let’s face it – talking lady business isn’t always sexy. I do my research. If I give an opinion or suggestion, it’s founded on education and research. I have a limited filter. So basically that means no subjects are safe, and you’re guaranteed a good laugh. Thanks for joining me on this journey!